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The Secret Why People Hate Monkeys



But in cities the scenario is quite dissimilar; most of the monkeys in the cities are so brave they do not scare people easily. In the region where population of the monkeys is high, it is only known to people how much troubles are being faced by them out of monkeys. In the western parts of the world most of the people put anti monkey spikes over the roof of their houses. Doing so monkeys cannot able to climb over the roofs as these roofs contain pointed spears like devices that would terrify the monkeys.

There are several reports carried by newspapers and TV channels reporting about the monkey menaces that creates chaos among people. It sometimes becomes very difficult for people to travel alone to markets walking due to the presence of numerous monkeys over the street.

The presence of too many monkeys in a particular region turns out to be a huge danger zone as people cannot keep things outside. The sudden increase of these mammals in the cities have turned into a nightmare for most of the people especially the office goers, school children and more to vendors selling fruits and vegetables. It has caught the attention of the Government and various steps as effective measures are being taken.


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Five Signs Your Cat Is Happy




Five Signs Your Cat Is Happy

Every owner probably wondered at least once whether his pet is happy. While cats can show their mood in different ways, there are several universal signs that your pet is happy with everything.

  1. Sounds

    Cats can literally “tell” they are happy with their purrs. Typically, high-frequency sounds indicate happiness, while low-frequency sounds indicate that the cat is demanding something, such as food. And, of course, everyone knows that when a cat purrs is a good sign. At such moments, she is definitely happy.

  2. Language of the body

    If your pet rubs its muzzle against you, then know that this is how he shows his love and shows you that he is happy with everything.

    A straight, upturned tail also indicates a cat’s satisfaction.

    The cat stretched out and substituted its belly for you demonstrates not only complete trust, but also its good mood.

  3. Games

    Healthy, well-socialized kittens play non-stop! And this is their indicator of happiness. Of course, with age, the number of games naturally decreases, but often remains at a certain level. Adult and senior cats also love to play if nothing bothers them. Joint games with the owner bring pleasure to pets of any age.

  4. Well maintained look

    Cats, who are not worried about anything, watch their appearance – they like to lick and keep themselves clean. Therefore, if your pet has a beautiful coat, it means that he is happy with life and feels great.

  5. A healthy appetite

    Happy cats have no appetite problems. They happily eat their food and sometimes beg for some more treats from you.

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